Danielle Groeneweg

Thankful Trees for Thanksgiving

How many of you already have a Thanksgiving tradition of making a Thankful Tree? How many of you are wondering what a Thankful Tree is? A Thankful Tree is when you create a tree and you write on the leaves or branches what you are thankful for. I’ve seen a few ideas floating around. Some people start their tree early and throughout the whole month of November leading up to Thanksgiving they write on their leaves letting family & friends also share what they are thankful for. Then, at Thanksgiving dinner they will read their leaves out loud. Other families will do it all on Thanksgiving day. I think this is such a fun tradition. I know a lot of families will go around & say what they are thankful for but this adds another element to it. If you start the tree at the beginning of the month, it is also a great reminder to be thankful every time you walk past it.

What does a Thankful Tree look like? It can be whatever you want it to be! Some use real leaves & branches, others make the leaves out of clay or even gather some acorns to add to the tree.


Here are a couple sources if you would like to gather some ideas to create your own Thankful Tree:

  • Rythms of Play has 10 really good ideas on their blog for how to make a Thankful Tree. This is a blog directed towards families with younger kids. Click here to see them.
  • Good Housekeeping also has a few really good ideas. Their trees are so pretty! They have some ideas that should work with fall décor you might already have up in your home. Click here to see them.


I hope you are able to create your own Thankful Tree this year!