Danielle Groeneweg

An Overview of 2020 Stats for Whatcom County

Anyone else think very analytically and love looking at stats? I also like looking over a time period (especially an entire year) to get a good grasp of the market & trends. The Northwest Multiple put together a series of different graphs and charts that compares 2020 to 2019. I am only showing the graphs for Whatcom County that include residential and condos.

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January-June 2017 Lynden Stats

The above graphs show the stats from Lynden in January to June 2017. The first graph shows the number for sale, sold & pending at the end of the month. This helps determine that it is currently  a sellers market. The second graph shows the price per square foot in Lynden. By looking at house prices currently, Lynden homes have been increasing in value. This graph just justifies that YES the price per square foot has been going up recently.

Since I am not able to to get the current stats for July and it is almost the end of the month I just did a quick search to see what is currently available in Lynden. Out of the 66 homes currently on the market here they are categorized by price:


$0-$250,000: 3






$600,000 & Above:19

Are you curious what your house is worth? By taking all of this information into consideration ( by it being a sellers market, price per sq.ft going up & current inventory of homes) I highly suggest getting a currently estimate of value. Even if you aren’t interested in selling your home, it is good to know the current VALUE of your home.

Please give me a call for a free estimate or if you have any questions about the current market in Lynden. I would love to chat with you. ☺

Lynden’s Stats from June-Dec 2016

Lynden Stats

Here are the For Sale/Pending/Solds from June -December of 2016 for the Lynden Market.

If you just compare the last two months- November to December the For Sales went down by 20%, solds were down by 34% and pendings were down by 3%. These numbers just prove that the market definitely slowed down in December. Inventory has been lower so I know buyers are having a harder time finding a home.

In my opinion, during the month of January the market seemed to pick up again. We will have to wait and see when the new numbers come out!

Let me know if you have any questions.

September 2016 Stats

Here are the monthly stats for Bellingham and Lynden for the month of September. If you would like the stats for a different town feel free to check out the Market Trends button on my homepage.






I hope you enjoy these graphs and you can get a better idea of the current trends. If you have any questions, please let me know. I’m curious to see what October and November will be like with the election. Stay tuned to see!