Danielle Groeneweg

Supply & Demand in our Current Market for the United States.



Love this infographic from Keeping Current Matters. If you want to see the full article click here. 

If you look at Washington you will see that we have high buyer demand in & a low seller activity. This is in line with what we’ve been seeing in Whatcom County. Most homes are going pending right away due to low inventory and plenty of buyers shopping for a home. I do think it is fun to look at what states are also following this trend vs what states are doing the opposite. Overall, most states do have a low inventory which is what we’ve been hearing from agents all over.

Anything that surprises you or that you find interesting by looking at this graphic?

Whatcom County Weekly Stats~2.11.22-2.18.22


Here are your stats for the week! It is always good to stop & take a look at the numbers. It helps identify any trends that might be happening. It also helps when putting together pricing for a listing or when helping a buyer make an informed decision about a home.

Any questions about these numbers? Give me a call!