Danielle Groeneweg

Planning for the Best You in 2021



It is almost time to turn the page on 2020!

I’m sure a lot of us are ready to say good-bye to this year and wish for better things in 2021! I came across this great list of 12 steps to plan for a better you in 2021 and wanted to share. If you wanted to read the full article from Millennial Grind you can click here.

I liked this list because I thought it helped cover your habits, thoughts, self care & gets you thinking about goals and your future. In real estate, we talk a lot of self motivation and goals. I have found that breaking down your bigger goals does make a big difference like in step 10. I have also started a vision board in my office like it discusses in step 4. Finally, I talk with my assistant often about our goals and how we are going to achieve them like in step 11.

That’s only 3 out of 12 steps so it looks like I have a few more things to go over before the start of 2021. I hope you’re able to do the same and that by this time next year we can reflect on how great a year 2021 was.