Danielle Groeneweg

My Process for Sellers

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market but aren’t sure what to expect? I have included a list of some of the innovative marketing strategies that I implement for every listing. Of course, depending on the home there might be additional marketing I would do or changes I would make to this list depending on the home and home owners.

Staging Your Home:

One of the key factors to selling your home for more money is staging-making your home more appealing and inviting to the majority of potential Buyers. We’ll work together to determine the level of staging your home may need.


Today’s buyer is very tech savvy! Often they look for their new home online before they ever actually visit a home. I’ll showcase your home by using professional and eye catching marketing to maximize your home’s online presence. Additionally, your home  will be syndicated on my company website, personal website, and all our affiliated websites.


Buyers want to see what your home looks like before they decide to visit. They need visual images in order to imagine themselves living there. To enhance the exposure of your home, I create an online album ( or virtual tour) of your home, showcasing all the best features, both inside and out. Detailed descriptions further catch a potential buyer’s attention to your home.

Yard Sign:

With my company sign in your yard, your listing will be associated with one of the most successful and regionally recognized real estate companies in our area. My personalized yard sign is placed in a manner to draw attention to your home, direct potential buyers to my website and to provide easy access to my professional flyers.

Property Flyers & Advertising:

Colorful flyers using premium paper will be designed for your property and placed on a stand inside your home as well as a flyer box outside your home. This allows potential buyers that drive by to have instant access to your property information, in addition to qualified buyers who are touring inside your home. First impressions are extremely important! Additionally, a wide variety of advertising will be implemented to put your home inf front of the larger group of potential buyers.


My extensive network includes my database of contacts and qualified buyers, real estate investors the agents within my local company and community, plus the thousands of agents I have referral relationships with outside our region.

Still have questions?

Please give me a call on my cell: 360.483.6490 and I can go over any questions you may have and give you a better idea on what I would do for your home. I also have some great samples of professional photos, flyers, and more I would love to share with you.

Thanks for reading.

Santa Coming to Lynden…

bws_santa(photo taken from here)

Please join us Saturday December 12 from 12:00-3:00 to get your free picture with Santa!

Address: 505 Front St, Lynden, WA 98264

Please bring a gently used coat or toy in exchange for a free picture with Santa by Everlasting Photography. All donations will be used to give back to the local community.

Hope to see you there!!

New to Whatcom County?


Are you new to Whatcom County? Here is a quick list I put together for my buyers that has lots of different phone numbers for local companies that you need if you just moved . Not sure what garbage company to call- it’s on here. Same with different cable companies, city halls and even propane providers.

If  you are interested in getting my full buyer’s packet-let me know! I hope you find this list helpful in the meantime, especially if you just moved!

Thanks for reading,